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Keep the dampness out of your home.

Homes have been described as having six (6) sides: four (4) walls; a roof; and a basement floor. It is natural for a basement to be damp. Sometimes we must create a new environment to thoroughly dry it. Some of the biggest complaints homeowners have are damp floors and humid basements. Even though water is stopped by our Water Trek Aqua Route® system, dampness can still occur due to the temperature difference between the sub floor and basement air and basic humidity levels of the air. The condensation should cease due to the temperature equilibrium and moisture extraction.

We have the right dehumidifier to take care of your damp basement or wet crawlspace


Our revolutionary new product Humid-Evac™ … deals with humidity and condensation issues by drying under the slab before the moisture enters the basement. “Basements are similar to a cave”. Basements are below ground level and are conducive to a damp, wet environment. Independent studies show that up to 80% of moisture in a basement originates from under the floor, and if the source of the dampness is addressed, 80% of the problem is eliminated.

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